Sunday, October 21, 2012

Primary Program...

We had our primary program at church today.  My favorite sacrament meeting of the year....  Since of course there are no photo opportunities at church, I wanted to make sure I documented this day and remembered the details.  And since my brain is getting older, that's another post for another day, my camera is my trusty brain backup!
Here are some photos from before church: 
You will notice one of my children is not yet ready for church.  I was just trying to take pictures of the ones who were participating in the program, but then didn't want to fight that little Lil and I just let her in.
Apparently being in the pictures was not enough:
 She wanted everyone else out!
Well she got her way for a little while:
 But then I wanted to try again to get a good picture:
It just wasn't happening.  Boy does that little Lily have an iron will.
They did so well.  I love listening to them sing with the primary.  I love their strength and determination when they sing things like " I will go, I will do, the things the Lord commands."  So powerful coming from such strong young spirits.
They each had their parts memorized, although it about scared the pants off Drew to say it in the microphone.  Madelyn is not frightened by public speaking.  Hannah, you couldn't even see her head above the pulpit, but you could hear her clear little voice, "these are the things Jesus taught."  So funny and so sweet.  Oh man, do I ever love those cute children I get to call my own!

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