Tuesday, October 23, 2012


 Last month, I entered a new decade of life.  The 30's.  Wow. 
My birthday fell on a Monday, so we were coming home from a camping trip and Jed had to run into Wally's to pick up a present. 
Drew was so cute, he wanted to make my cake all by himself.  And he did it!  I was so very impressed and he loved every minute of it and just genuinely wanted to do something special for me.  So sweet.  He even made the frosting from scratch!!  And it was delicious.  He even let me lick the beater:

 Drew frosted that beauty all by himself too.  I'm pretty sure that was way better than my first cake attempt!!
It was a great birthday.  We had family come over to help celebrate, and my little family always does a good job of helping my day be a special one.
So what is it like being 30? 
Well, I think I'm losing my mind.....
I put Claire in the bathtub with her diaper on and didn't even notice until after I had washed her hair.
I have the hardest time remembering "to-do's."  Such as returning redbox movies.  I can be right there in town telling myself "don't forget to drop off that redbox movie" for the tenth time, and drive right by the drop off one minute later.
Poor Drew has missed scouts a handful of times on account of me.  I was on my way home from parent teacher conference the other day, reminding myself to drop Drew off at Scouts in 20 minutes.  I forgot.  They gave me a reminder call when scouts had started.  How kind.  And embarrassing.
I can't fall asleep at night very well.
Ok, so maybe I had these kinds of "moments" before thirty, fairly often, but now that I'm entering a new decade I feel like I can shift the blame from just being forgetful to now being "old."  Haha.


  1. Jeannette! Happy 30th! I remembered your birthday and was waiting for your birthday blog post to tell you so...is it your fault I'm so late? :) Just kidding. Hope you have a great year! It looks like you had a fun day. And I'm only a tiny bit jealous of your amazing hair.

  2. Haha, the diaper in the bathtub made me laugh because I do things like that on a daily basis. And I think Reed might think I'm losing it, haha. I blame it on all the pregnancies :)