Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Lots O' Love

I love Valentine's Day!! It really is becoming one of my favorite holidays. Not so much because it is thought of as such a "romantical" day, but because it gives me the opportunity to really focus on letting my family know how special they are to me. We began our celebrations on the first Saturday of the month. The kids were really excited to heart attack the house and make heart-shaped cinnamon rolls, so after we spiffied up the house we did it.

Mmmmmm....these are just too darn good. I should not make them when I am pregnant and seem to have more sugar cravings than usual!!

Everytime we mop the kitchen we take out the kitchen chairs and remove the booster seats. Lily just has a ball on those things when they are on the floor. Everyone was being so cute playing with Lily I just had to snap some pictures.

We all made/wrote....well those who had a long enough attention span....kind notes to
each other and then hung them all over the house.

Even though Valentine's Day has come and gone, these still adorn the house. I just love having hearts all around the house with the things we love about each other written all over them. Ya know, because those kinds of things aren't always what comes out of their mouths in everyday conversation! :)

I wish I could take a picture of them all. They are so sweet. It was one of my favorite simple Saturdays in a long time.


  1. So sweet! Love those cute pictures!

  2. I have never seen heart shaped cinnamon rolls- what a great ideA!! Anything I need to know before I give it a whirl? Funny how Valentine's day turns into something completely different (but equally wonderful) when you have a house full of kids! I love it!