Saturday, October 22, 2011

Star of the Week

So remember when I started the Star of the Week series? Yeah, I hardly do either, but I guess it is time for me to finish up with them!

This is Lily.

Things that Lily loves:

* her blankie

*her dada--she runs to the garage every time she hears the door close. I always feel really bad when I return from taking out the garbage and hear Lily, "DADA!!!" and little feet pattering towards the door.

*She loves milk. Could drink it ALLLL DAAYY LOOONG.

*She loves playing with her siblings.

*She unfortunately loves violence. She pulls hair, bites, and pinches. We're working on it.

*She loves playing in the toilet/bathroom.

*She loves to help me clean. It is very very cute. And I praise it like crazy because I know what is coming around the corner....
*She loves Nutella. She isn't a huge fan of toast, but put some nutella on it and she will have thirds!
*She loves hiding in her daddy's closet in his clothes. Check out that smile in the above picture.... :)
* She loves nursery. And she has started going already. The nursery ladies are really helping me out!

* She loves going outside and it has been a struggle to try to explain that it is just getting too cold to go outside sometimes. :(

Things I love about Lily:

* I love that she knows what she wants and how to help me know what she wants. Like when she gets a sippy out of the cupboard with a mismatching lid and leads me right to the fridge to get her milk.

*I love that she knows exactly what to do before we start eating. She will fold her arms before she digs in sometimes.

* I love that after bedtime family prayers she opens her arms wide and will take a turn giving everyone a great big hug.
* I love that she says "please" and "thank you" sometimes without being reminded! One night she was up and was sick. I was up with her and we were laying on the couch together so I could take care of her. She kept saying "taintoo" over and over. It was the sweetest thing, and really helped me not mind that I was missing so much sleep that night.

*I love that other than having a few issues with violence, she really is a pure sweetie!

We love that little girl!!


  1. She is such a cute little thing! Thanks for sharing! Your posts help me remember to look for the good in my kids!

  2. I love the toilet cleaning picture! She has at least seen her mother clean a toilet! Hmmm. . . time to check those toilets!!