Friday, August 19, 2011

*Star of the Week*

I thought I would take a week at a time to recognize my children--just for fun. In the midst of summer craziness, it is hard to carve out time for each child, so I thought I would write about each child individually for something fun for them and for me! So I will start with Miss Madelyn.

Things Madelyn loves:



*Doing her own hair

*Playing with her brother Drew

*Taking care of her little sisters




*Piecing together outfits--she loves clothes

Things I admire about Madelyn:

*She is an amazing reader. She reads accurately and fast. This summer she read her biggest book ever, Charlotte's Web. First thing in the morning-very often she is the first of the children to wake up-she is usually reading a book or reading the friend.

*She tries to do what is right-just the other day she told me that she needed to tell me the truth about something she had been avoiding. I was proud of her for doing something hard and for initiating doing what was right.

*She doesn't like to be pushed into something she doesn't want to do.

*She remembers to pray about things that concern her. She will often be the first with the idea to pray if we have any sort of trouble/problem. I hope she will continue that wonderful practice!

*She loves to pose for pictures! :)
Madelyn is a good girl and is getting way excited to begin school! We love our big girl and we are so happy she is in our family!!!

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  1. I am getting caught up by going backwards! Love this post--I have wanted to do the same thing for my kids!
    Madeline is a great girl--so glad she is my niece!