Tuesday, August 23, 2011


So this last Saturday some friends and I joined together and did the Rush triathalon in Rexburg. We had a blast and I'm so glad we did it!! My friend Heidi did the swim, she is in the picture below in the sea of yellow heads. She swam so awesomely and got us off to a great start!!

Since my friends and I serve in the Young Women together, we invited the Young Men leaders to go up against us. Well it ended up that only one took the challenge and he did the whole thing himself--he is not new to this sort of thing. This was actually a picture of Heidi running out of the water, but she is the yellow capped girl in the background. Sorry about the random person dressing in the forefront.

Our transitions were pretty quick, since we were doing the different legs separate. This is my friend Tiffany in the pink running with her bike to start her 13 mile leg of the journey. There she goes! It was a tough course, lots of hills!

Here is my transition, we swapped the timer chip and I was off!!

The run was fun, hard-but good. Everyone kept warning me about a killer hill--I didn't really pay too much attention to it. I thought I was doing pretty good on those hills, until I saw what everyone was talking about. It is actually a killer cliff!! I was running up a dirt path up the cliff for the better part of one mile. I ran my hardest-we were all really trying hard to beat the YM leader and he hadn't passed us yet!! I was so paranoid I kept looking over my shoulder every time someone came up to me.
I almost threw up, but I kept going. :) At the top it was so steep that my running steps were just barely one foot in front of another so I decided to use less energy and walk with big steps for a few strides up the steepest little part. Then I kept running. We finished and we came in one minute before our iron man friend! We never thought it possible!!! So yeah, we were pretty excited! Our transitions were definitely easier and we started fresh at each leg...so he did really awesome!!

It was so fun! Heidi is going to do it all by herself next year, she has done it before but had a baby in May so she let us tag along this time. Now Tiffany and I want her to teach us how to swim so we can all do it separately next time! They sure were great teammates! Thanks for a fun time girls!!

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  1. Wow! What a cool thing to do together! Congrats on surviving it!!