Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Photos with No Particular Theme

Hannah dumped half a bottle of my bulk bubbles into the bath.

Hannah giving a train ride to her pickle.

This is what happens to Lily when she wants to go outside and can't because it is too windy!

Lily doing her first chore.

Lily's first mischief. Sorry its not the cleanest, we were just getting to that when this happened. Seriously.

Ummm...anything "chick" themed melts my heart.

Hannah in dress up clothes boogying to "I had the time of my life" early 90's or something song we have on a random CD. This is something we see every single day. They love this song.

This pictures is funny. Lily was having a good time dancing with Madelyn, but she looks like she is in hysterics. This is the other girls dancing to our tradional every day song.

This pictures shows you what an attempt at having any sort of family naptime looks like. To put it briefly: it does not happen.

Drew gets "money" at school for good behavior and on some Fridays they can "buy" things. Well, this particular Friday Drew came home and instantly called for Hannah. He bought her a pair of sunglasses!! What an awesome brother.

Drew and Jed built this dinosaur together. And it is motorized!! It walks and everything. Totally cool.

Madelyn loves to cook with me. I try to be mindful of that and include her in my meal making.

Madelyn and I in our aprons cooking together.

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  1. I love this picture! I now need one with me and my girls!
    I love reading about your kids and their funny things they do--like the pickle train ride!