Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Birthday Girl--2 years old!!

Our Hannah turned two last week. She is such a fun girl, and even though two year olds are notorious for trouble....this stage is so fun because they are so funny!! We love our little Hannah. We all get so many smiles from her.

Thoroughly thrilled with the giant sticky hand she got from Uncle Booner. She loves to give it a toss and see where it lands!

Hannah was too cute when it was cake time. She sang the entire birthday song to herself and blew out the candles without anyone having to coach.

She was quite patient with present opening. She had Drew help her out with the tricky toy packaging.

Hannah liked her spider cake. Since we celebrated her birthday on Halloween, we had to have a Halloween-ish theme. We also made pumpkin ice cream.

This ended up being fun for everyone!! It has been out for several days straight. It entertains them for quite awhile and makes very little mess. If it does make a mess it is only water. I am a fan.

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