Monday, August 9, 2010

Lily's Blessing

Lily's Blessing was August 1, 2010. We had so many family members come and support Lily and our family which really made the event wonderful! It was great to spend time with so much family.

I took a few pictures of Lily on her big day. My sister-in-law Julie taught me how to make the fabric flower for her headband and I thought it turned out really cute!! (thanks Julie!)

I caught the tail end of a smile here. I thought Lily looked just beautiful. She is such a sweetheart and we love having her as part of our family. I could snuggle her all day long and really wish that I could because she has already grown so much!!

We got a picture with all of my side of the family and here they are. We took pictures with Jed's side too, but unfortunately not on my camera.

My sister Julie also called from Nova Scotia and she got to talk to most of our family that was here visiting. It was nice that even though she is so far away, she still got to be part of the big day too!!

Some unfortunate things also happened this day. After work the next Monday Jed told me two of his brothers had been throwing up and feeling sick. I contacted all of my side of the family and the reports escalated from there. Pretty much every family that were in attendance reported sickness, except for our little family and my parents. Our family ate leftoevers all week long and never got sick, so I'm pretty sure it wasn't the food. We think it must have been some sort of bug because everyone ate different things and still got sick. A pretty aggressive bug!! I still feel so sorry and embarrassed that it ever happened. Hopefully everyone can regain their trust in me..... :)


  1. Maybe you secretly wanted to kill everyone off!!! Iheard a rumor going around that you wanted everyone to come back in a week so you could "finish what you started" We're all on to you missy.

  2. We wish we could have been there! Too bad about the sickness--but lucky you got out of it--unless of course it wasn't luck!!!