Monday, August 23, 2010

I always Want to Remember...

the little things that bring the joy to motherhood.

I always want to remember tiny fingers, tiny toes, tiny pigtails, gummy grins.
I always want to remember how Drew opens his arms wide open and puckers his lips signaling to me its time for a hug and kiss.

I always want to remember Hannah's little prayers "Hen Fodder, faiful foi fammy, pees bess..."
I always want to remember what happens when we put food in front of Hannah before we've said a blessing; she somewhat bows her head and totally shovels food in during the whole prayer.

I always want to remember Madelyn's compassion. When Jed felt sick, he laid down to rest while I finished dinner. I asked her to kindly go bring him to dinner. When she came back in tears, I asked what was wrong, she was just so worried about her daddy being sick.

I always want to remember Lily's big eyes. Whenever she hears Hannah coming or is startled her eyes get so big the whites of her eyes nearly glow.
I always want to remember our Friday night pizza parties.
I always want to remember the time in primary where the sharing time teacher was explaining that the water we drink comes from rivers. "No it doesn't!! It comes from WELLS!!" said Madelyn. Funny.

I always want to remember the snuggles.
I always want to remember laughing together.
I always want to remember Drew and Madelyn brushing and playing with my hair while I read to them.

I always want to remember how sometimes when I lay down at night and have a chance to think, I am overwhelmed with how much I love my husband and kids that it brings me to tears.

I always want to remember Hannah's crazy escapades, such as the birthday suit cleaning the church incident that escalated from there...
I always want to remember our little adventures: lizards, hiking, campfires, getting eaten alive while wearing herbal armor, getting lost on dirt roads perhaps going to be attacked by wild coyotes...

I always want to remember how Hannah was ready to move on in life while we were roasting marshmellows. She randomly said "bybye daddy, bybye mommy, bybye dwooby, bybye sissy..............taint you." Then she wandered off a bit past the car and then turned around.

I want to remember these things and SO much more because before you know it they'll be in 1st grade, and their fingers too big to put olives on, and just because I really do have the greatest job and family that I love so much!!

These guys are the greatest!!


  1. Families are amazing. Your post really got me thinking about how important those little things are and not to let them go by without enjoying them. This blog is incredible, I wish it were public again so all could read it.

  2. You really should go public again. You write so well. Such a sweet tribute to the things we often forget to cherish. Love your sweet family.