Saturday, April 24, 2010

The top 10 signs you are reaching the end of pregnancy...

10. Your children greet you with, "Wow mom, you are BIG!"
9. Each of the family pictures your children draw include a stick figure mom with a big round circle in the center.
8. Your heart feels as if you have just run a marathon each time you heave yourself from side to side in the middle of the night.
7. Your maternity clothes are getting small.
6. You are embarrassed about exposing your middle at the doctor due to the red scratch marks on it.
5. You eat more than your husband.
4. You always underestimate your size when it comes to squeezing through tight spaces.
3. As a result of stressing so much about the weigh-in at the doctor, you actually cause yourself to have high blood pressure...
2. You sweat profusely at night, even though you have no blankets on and it is 67 degrees.
1. The lady temple workers take one look at you and decide to wait for the handicap stall to open up for you to dress in.

Gotta love the last little bit of being pregnant!!


  1. It's all so true:) AND.....complete strangers come up to you and say......."Any day now?!" I love that! I'm embarrassed to go out in public these days!

  2. Thanks for the smile- you can make it. I love you!