Monday, April 26, 2010

My husband and I truly are ONE.

So this isn't exactly a new thing. But Jed suffers, I mean literally suffers, from sympathetic wife syndrome. This happens with every pregnancy, but this one has been just a little unreal. Jed has suffered sore pregnant hips along with me, along with a few other pregnancy symptoms. Now the syndrome is branching away from being exclusively pregnancy related symptoms. This last week I had a day where I felt like I had food poisoning. I was the only one who was experiencing the stuff that goes along with that....until the next day. Then Jed all the sudden experienced the same thing. Another example, I was eating Grape Nuts one morning and the hard cereal broke the retainer off the back one of my teeth. A few days later I went in to get it fixed. The fix wasn't as good as the original glue job and my teeth rub against the retainer a lot making my teeth really sore. Well the morning after I told Jed that, he woke up with swollen gums that his bottom teeth were rubbing against!!!! WEIRD!!! The craziest part about it all is that this time the sympathetic syndrome is starting to go BOTH ways. Jed hit his head at work one day that gave him a scar on his forehead. Later that week, I woke up with a matching scar and no clue how I got it!!

Now Jed wants me to quit talking to him....
He just better not make any wrong moves...because I know how to get him back!!! :)

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