Thursday, March 18, 2010


We had an experience this weekend that served as a reminder of how priceless life is, and how precious our little ones are to us. On Sunday, Hannah got into some of her great-grandmas sleeping pills. Jed had taken her out to the car and noticed she was acting funny. I was in the house getting ready to leave when my sister-in-law Julie noticed the spilled pills on the floor. As soon as Jed came in the house and said that Hannah was acting weird, my heart sank. They called poison control and they said just go to the ER. What an emotional ride that was. We didn't really know how much she ate, and she was acting so dazed and blank that it was quite frightening. Jed gave her a blessing on the way to the hospital which did help me to feel more at peace.
They monitered Hannah's heart rate and oxygen levels which were normal. They also gave her a drink of charcoal to stick to the contents of her stomach. It was really nasty looking-Jed tasted it and it instantly stained his mouth and teeth black! It was a thick pure black liquid and it stained everything it touched. Hannah did look pretty funny drinking it, it was ALL over, but who would think to take a camera to the ER? She did really well at drinking it surprisingly. She was really hard to keep restrained in the hospital and was screaming the whole time there. That made it really hard to know how she was really feeling. She was way more cranky with me holding her than Jed, which was sad because of course I wanted to hold her when she was having such a rough time! They let us go after two hours of monitoring her, so at 11 pm we headed home. They told us to wake her up every hour in the night and keep her in the same room as us. Having taken Ambien, you would think this would cause her to sleep pretty heavily. But the opposite was true. She wanted nothing to do with sleep and was acting like a little drunk girl--really sad. She would start screaming at nothing, would just stare at her hands like she had never seen them before, stare at me blankly like she had no idea who I was--definitely the worst part for me, play with the carpet over and over again, pinched and pulled, couldn't walk or even stand, and would not lay down. We stayed up with her all night until 3 Am and she finally threw up the charcoal yucky stuff. We gave her a much needed bath and finally her little body started to settle down. About 4 Am she fell asleep. The next day she was much more herself, but I would describe it as Hannah and a half. She was off the walls and still a bit woosy. Not a good combo with her love of climbing.... Her grandpa Jody and her dad were able to give her another blessing that morning and she improved a lot.
Now Hannah is back to normal and everything has run its course and she is my happy, energetic, full of personality--and mischief--girl as always. I sure do LOVE that girl. She is SUCH a blessing in our lives. It seems like Heavenly Father allows us these experiences to just remind us how grateful we should be, how precious our little ones are, how dear life is, and how life truly is fragile, and everyday is a gift! Life could change in an instant, and we feel grateful that the change we experienced was temporary, but life could take a turn at any time. I'm so deeply grateful for the priesthood and for a loving Heavenly Father who hears our prayers and loves and watches over our family!!

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