Monday, March 8, 2010

Is it SPRING already??

I can't believe the weather is warming up! This winter has been the fastest of my life, and I'm even pregnant!!
Our update:
Jed and I finished putting in the kitchen tile--tile is work let me tell you. Even more so when there are little ones running around un-doing the work!! It is such a blessing to have a fully functioning wonderful kitchen!!
Drew has lost his bottom two teeth. He is learning about saving for things that he wants and has been doing extra chores around the house to do just that. He is just getting more and more grown up.
Madelyn bore her testimony in church yesterday. I have to admit that bad mother instincts shot right through me when she said "Can I go up and bear my testimony?" Instantly my insides were on fire. I almost wanted to say "no..." because of my own intense fear of public speaking/public anything. I knew if I took her up there it would be incredibly odd for me to just turn around and sit down with not saying anything. I hadn't planned on getting up....although, I knew that it would not be right to stifle such an opportunity, so my insides felt even more intensely hot and knotted up!! She knew exactly what she wanted to say, so at the next opportunity I walked her up to the podium. She did experience some fright, so she wanted me to help her. I'm amazed at our little girl and am so impressed by her example. That was one of motherhood's cherished moments.
Drew and Madelyn have been handling making dinner/breakfast on occasion. I love all the help I can get!! They do a great job. Hannah likes to do her part, even though it is usually just snacking....
Hannah is getting a handle on a lot more words. And of course she is still my adventurous climbin girl. Her favorite spots: the table, and Drew's upper bunk on the bunkbed. She gets to be in nursery with Jed and I and we love that. I have been in primary with my other kids, so I love that it is Hannah's turn! We love the nursery and so does Hannah. (she loves their tables too :)). Her favorite song is Book of Mormon Stories and she often chooses it for FHE!
We LOVE the sunshine and even tricked our kids into a 2 MILE WALK on Saturday. Probably almost 2 1/2 miles actually!! Can't wait for spring!

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