Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Under Construction

This blog is a work in progress!! A little bit here and there and someday there will actually be something fun to look at!! I'm still trying to figure everything out with this blogging stuff...
Our family is doing well .and we are super close to being done with Christmas shopping. Whew. But it is a lot of fun. I play "Santa Claus" with Drew and Madelyn pretty much every day. I pretend to be Santa and the kids make cookies out of play dough and leave them out for me. Then I tell them its bed time and I come to their house, eat their "cookies," and leave them a present. Then they like to pretend they were bad and I give them a peice of coal...which actually is lava that grandpa Jody and grandma Donna brought back from Hawaii. They love this game. In fact, even while I type they are pretending to be Santa and an elf and are leaving me presents. Funny kids.
Well, so much for my first little blip on this blog! I better keep working at this so I can get some pictures posted!

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