Thursday, January 28, 2010

Our Crazy Fun Lovin Girl

Our little girl Hannah just seems to change SO much on a constant basis. I decided I needed to dedicate a post to her so I can remember all of the quirkiness that comes specifically with her and with her age. I love this little girl--she cracks me up--and keeps me constantly busy and on the verge of a heart attack most days.

I'll start with this little gem...

When you get a phone call in the day, it isn't like every time you tell the person on the other end, "hang on, I need to make sure all of my children are appropriately entertained, so as not turn my house upside down while I talk with you." Sometimes I will do that if I know the phone call will be long, but as for other quickies? I let the kids fend for themselves for a moment. And this is what was the result from such a quickie:

Hannah + marker= sheer joy

Check out this blue lipped beauty! The pictures of course don't do it justice.

Unfortunately, the sheer joy quickly escaped when mom took the marker away. I just loved the chain of event pictures.

Now why, you wonder, would this cute semi-mischievious girl leave me on the brink of a heart attack at all times? I will show you.

Hannah on the counter, she can get up on the counter ALL by herself.

And this:

On the table. I used to be able to talk on the phone, shower, get ready, and do some other random things without having to worry too much about my kids. Not the case anymore. I will be showering and hear a holler in the background "MOM! HANNAH'S ON THE TABLE!!!" She has been into this climbing thing for nearly a month now, and has not learned any lessons from it at all. Just last night she fell out of her high chair when a babysitter was here with the kids. I thought, "Maybe there is hope that she learned something about gravity." No. She's already been up on the table numerous times so far today. Endure to the end, right?

But she is not trouble 100% of the time. No, she brings us countless smiles and laughs in the day too. If anyone is laying on the floor, she will come sit on their head and start bouncing up and down. She has learned to say her own prayers, which I must say is adorable. She started out by putting her head in the couch and mumbling baby jabber and ending by pulling her head out of the couch and saying "Ameh!" After the extremely positive response, she did it again!! And again! Sometimes while we are eating lunch, we do it to the serenade of Hannah's prayers. She also has an obsession with stinky diapers. I don't know why. She loves to play with Drew and Madelyn and likes to copy-as best she can-what they say. She really is starting to say quite a few things and it is very cute. We were shopping the other day and were buying produce and she just kept shouting out the names of everything she knew: Nana! Appo! Oen(Orange)! She also loves to read and whenever she sees a baby, a teddy bear, or anything else she thinks is cute she will lay her head against the book and give it a "hug." She really is so much fun and very much a pleasure to have around. She brings us so much joy!


  1. She is such a cutie, and Macie asks about her every day! Macie is also climbing on everything. The little stinker thinks she can cook all by herself, so she scoots a chair over to the stove at dinner time and climbs up to stir the food.....scares me to death. It's so hard to keep track of all she's doing sometimes, and I only have the one! is fun to see her want to be like Mom and Dad, and do things herself. Allthough I think this stage is the toughest for me so far....I just want to do it myself so it will get done fast. But I know she has to learn:)

  2. Your kids are so cute. Have you moved into your new house?

  3. Awesome post. What a fun- and busy!- life you lead. I love seeing the new house in the background and that post almost made me feel like we were chatting about the things our kids are doing!